Behind Enemy Lines with Twilight 2000 — DGS Episode #43

You and your team knew it would be a tough slog behind enemy lines, but after the bombs dropped and the communication stopped, you realized the only thing left to fight for was each other here in the twilight, Twilight 2000! Yes, it’s the classic Reagan-era RPG that taught us how things would be after the Cold War got hot. And to help us rally, we have Lee Hanna on to get us through the mission!


Want to find fan provided material for Twilight 2000? Check out Chico’s T2K page.

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And if you want to buy Twilight 2000 check out Farfuture’s merchandise

Also be sure to check out this new material from David S. Adams which has been declared cannon by the game’s original designers and publishers, the T2000 v2 East Africa Sourcebook..

Check out some of Iron Wind Metals great miniatures.

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  1. scubadawg91
    May 21, 2017

    Great to hear the discussion. The Twilight:2000 Facebook page made reference to it, which is how I discovered your podcast. I’ve since downloaded several more and subscribed…keep up the good work!

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