A Game Called, MERP — DGS Episode #40

On a shelf there lived a game…. Not a dirty little unplayed game, but a game called Middle-earth Role-play, or MERP, and that meant beloved. It’s episode #40 of the DGS podcast and in this one we complete our Tolkien trilogy with one of my fondest remembered games, MERP! While Cory is off celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, doubtless visiting the Green Dragon Inn to tip a pint with wee hobbits, I have on the show direct from Gaming and BS, my buddy Brett Bloczynski! Together we are going to assail the lands of Mordor like Frodo and Samwise (guess which one I am). So grab the One Ring and a flagon of Ent Draught then get comfy in your cozy chair to have a listen as we go there and back again!


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  1. The Angry Monk
    March 19, 2017

    Great episode. I haven’t played MERP, but I did pick up the rulebook from somewhere. I liked the discussion about magic weapons growing with the characters. I will definitely be using that in my other games. Thanks, Chad!

  2. Slobberknocker
    March 22, 2017

    I loved and ran MERP back in the day. It seamed to break down at high levels; a GM had to be on his toes.
    Have you seen Adventures in middle-earth player’s guide for D&D 5e? Middle-earth is D&D and ir’s well done.

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