A Tribute to Richard Tucholka — DGS Episode #46

Our friend Kris Vezner joins the DGS as we pay tribute to the sad passing of one of gaming’s most imaginative pioneers, Richard Tucholka. On this special tribute episode we will be recalling the long list of innovative and inspiring games Mr. Tucholka gave us, such as the Morrow Project, Fringeworthy, Stalking the Night Fantastic and Bureau 13 to name but a few. So join us in this special episode as we pay our respects the truly genius work of a pioneer.


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  1. brucesheffer
    June 20, 2017

    Thanks to Chris for his excellent history. However he did forget a few things. Outpost Games, a licensee of Tri Tac produced three 96 page adventure supplements for Bureau 13 starting in 1992. It also produced computerized character generators for all of the big 4 RPGs and a set of system utilities that computerized the combat resolution and a number of charts from the various games. Like its sister publication Terror Watch, Infinite Crossroads provided quarterly support for Fringeworthy..

    Additional editions of Bureau 13 and Fringeworthy were released for the d20 Modern System in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

    At this point the Tri Tac Games podcast premiered in October 2009 and runs through today. Richard handed off development for his existing rpgs to the podcast staff and other friends, primarily through this weekly audio program.

    This allowed Richard to concentrate on producing new and long promised rpgs like Hard Wired Hinterland, Weird Zone, Cloisters, Incursion 2, Huradicator, and Murderhoof.. Richard also produced two more Fringeworthy Portals supplements: Portals III and Portals IV as well as Bureau 13: Blackpowder. I will not defend the editing of these publications, but as you can see he was very busy writing them. I’m sure that any future versions of them will be much more polished.

    Since the publication of Hard Wired Hinterland a free Fiasco Playset was released: The Brass Monkey Ball by John Reiher. this is available at http://fiascoplaysets.com/home/brass-monkey-ball.

    At the time of his death Richard had almost finished the newest Bureau 13 supplement: Bureau 13 Brass and Steam.

    Most of the above can be found at TriTacGames.com. The computer character generators and utilities can be received upon request from bsheffer@aol.com and work on any 32 and 16 bit windows os..

    Thanks everyone for this wonderful tribute.

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