A Conversation with Ernie Gygax! – DGS Episode #8


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  1. Great interview with my ol’ pal. Really brought back a lot of memories about working with him and the gang at TSR in the early 1980s. We had a lot of fun, especially before the office politics got too crazy. Greenfield Needlewomen (changed later to GNW) was bought, by the way, because it was a struggling company owned by some relative of the Blumes, IIRC. And Basic & Expert D&D (which I helped edit, and which I love) were part of an attempt to cut Arneson out of the royalties the same way as was later done with Gary and 2E (also IIRC). Sigh! Still, there were many, many good times during that era.

  2. July 20, 2014

    What Ernie left out concerning the Goomphing story was that he taught me about it and encouraged me to attack other people for his entertainment. One such was Dave Sutherland when he was the head artist at TSR headquartered at Williams street. At Ernie’s behest I bet Dave he could not get his hands out of a rope that I would tie up. I was about 4 so this was not much of a challenge- so Dave thought. Of course as soon as I tied his hands I began swinging as hard as I could at his grown area. Ernie thought this was hilarious of course and Dave much to his credit did not hit me but just defended himself until someone stopped me.

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