Do You Feel a CHILL? – DGS Episode #11


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  1. Stinky1EyedOgre
    October 21, 2014

    Thanks guys! I always wanted to play this game. I already have Crypt World on pdf, but you have inspired me to finally order a hard copy.

    If you are looking for a similar game, you might want to check out Transylvanian Adventures by Land of Phantoms. It’s a DCC RPG variant. It is great game inspired by Chill and CoC, and is also available through RPG Now.

  2. October 21, 2014

    Hey thanks for the mention guys! I’d love to meet up at Nexus for some horror gaming!

  3. Eric
    November 29, 2014

    Problem w/ Chill, which is my all time favorite RPG, is that most skills you have will make your scores over 100. So although you roll the dice and the lower the roll the better, you can never fail or miss due to the fact that your rolling percentile dice for a skill w/ a score over 100. That is unless you have some type of negative modifier like range, but in Chill those modifiers are rare.
    So, what this has made me do is have players always use one shot pre-gens. The pre-gens are made up skills that cap out at scores of 75-85.


  4. June 19, 2015

    @EricJust saw your reply. I know its months later, but I thought I’d give you my thoughts. Agreed that any score over 100 is an “always succeed”. But you very rarely see these levels of scores unless the PC has been playing and improving, increasing their skills to Expert/Master levels of competence. So scores over 100 aren’t too common. But even if someone has a 100 “never fail” ability, that doesn’t mean that they’re gonna crush someone with it either. Someone with a Rifle skill of 100 may hit every time, but if he rolls 85, 90, and 95, he only does Moderate and two Light levels of damage — hardly deadly. It still comes down to how WELL you hit, not that you just hit your target. So crummy rolls have crummy effects, even if you never fail.

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