Delving through Undermountain at Brandonomicon! — DGS Episode #36

In episode #36, the Vorpal Chainsword delves into the storied deeps of Undermountain at Brandonomicon, a small con with massive game! Cory flies solo in this exciting episode to sit down with the Good King Brando, founder of Brandonomicon, and talk all about mini-cons and mega-dungeons.

If you have ever wanted to run epic adventures in a miniature convention format, this is the show to listen to. Learn some of the wily Brando’s tips and tricks to keep attendees happy and well fed as they embark on a several day adventure into one of Dungeons and Dragons most storied dungeons, Ed Greenwood’s classic mega-dungeon, Undermountain!

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Check out Cory’s blog over on The Vorpal Chainsword to get even more great stories about Brandonomicon!

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