Bruce Heard, Master of Mystara — DGS Episode #25

It’s episode #25 of the Dead Games Society featuring the esteemed TSR alumni, Bruce Heard! Bruce chats with the DGS about one of gaming’s most beloved of settings, Mystara and it’s sought after Gazetteers. But wait, that’s not all. Bruce also talks about his time working at TSR; the incredible Voyage of the Princess Ark, and what’s happening now with his newest creation, the World of Calidar!

So grab yourself a drink, find a comfy chair, and then sit back to listen as Bruce guides us on a journey across magical lands both old and new!

Links of interest…

Check out the World of Calidar Kickstarter

Send Bruce a Tweet

Or see what’s happening on his Google+ page

And don’t forget, if you’re looking to find one of the great out of print games or game editions we feature on the show, and you’d like to help us out, you can do both by clicking on the link below to purchase that special game at Noble Knight Games!


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