The Art of the Con, or Tips for the New GM, w/ Tim Kask! – DGS Episode #53

If you’re thinking of taking a seat on the other side of the table for a convention and you want some GM tips, well we have some tips as well as a special interview with Tim Kask you need to hear!  On this episode, the Vorpal Chainsword and I are dishing out a bit of wisdom gained through our own years of convention GMing.  And while we’re at it, we will also talk about our own recent experience at Gamehole.  

But if our own collected smarts ain’t enough, we brought in one of the big guns to impart some of his own vast knowledge in this area as well as talk about some of his favorite “dead games”.  That’s right, we have included a wonderful interview with the illustrious Tim Task, whom I had the honor of speaking with while I was at Gameholecon V!  So grab a notepad and pen then kick back in your comfy chair as we dive into the Art of the Con!

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