The DGS Army

If you have arrived at this page, it is most likely that you have been in contact with a member of the Dead Games Society (DGS) Army.  The DGS Army is a loose collective of Game Masters who love to resurrect those awesome, and sometimes eclectic, games of old.  The DGS Army often attends gaming conventions across the United States.  If you have played in one of our games, then you might have gotten some DGS swag…. read on.

So… somebody gave you a lanyard eh?   Does it look something like this?

CONGRATULATIONS… you have earned your DGS Lanyard.  By playing your first DGS game, at a convention or DGS event, you have received your coveted lanyard. Keep it. Cherish it. And… most importantly… bring it with you to your next DGS game, or event.  This will allow you to collect even more swag to display on your lanyard.

So what does all the stuff on there mean?  Well, the list is ever expanding, but here’s what we have currently:

A WHITE DIE = Games where the recipient was a player

Your lanyard, on initial issue, has a white die with a one facing up on it.  This means you have played your first game with the DGS Army.  Second and subsequent games played will earn you to another white die, with an incremented number, (i.e. a two will be facing up after your second game, a three on the third etc.).  After six, you will receive another white die with the one facing up – and the cycle begins again. By the time you have six on your lanyard, many players are happy to recycle the first five and give them back to a Game Master who can issue those to other players etc.  After all, ya gotta make room for all the other pins.  And again – the cycle begins anew.

A RED DIE = Games where the recipient was a DGS Army Game Master.  Follows the same numbering system.

A GREEN DIE = Awarded on the occasion the recipient has played in their 25th DGS game.  The Green and Blue die award levels are not usually seen, unless it’s by players who are playing in many multi-part DGS sanctioned events, or in a campaign setting, keeping their DGS Army GM very busy, and probably very happy.

A BLACK DIE = Awarded to the DGS Army GM who has run their 25th game under the DGS banner.  It’s the GM equivalent of the green die.

A BLUE DIE = Awarded on the occasion the recipient has played their 50th DGS game.  Treat this person with reverence.  They either love DGS games, or they have a LOT of free time.

A PURPLE DIE = Awarded to the DGS Army GM who has run their 50th game under the DGS banner.  It’s the GM equivalent of the blue die.  A busy GM is a happy GM.


THE GREEN SHAMROCK AWARD = (a.k.a. The Lucky Bast**d Award).  Awarded to a recipient, after a game, who defied all the odds and survived… hence the name. Awarded by the GM, usually with general concurrence by the players at the table.

THE DAISY AWARD = (a.k.a. Your character ended up “Pushin’ Up Daisies).  Awarded to a recipient who… perished…during a game.  Some players treat it as a badge of honor, while others try to hide it further up the neckline on their lanyard.  Hey… to each their own.

THE GOLD STAR AWARD = (a.k.a. GM’s Pet Award).   Awarded to the player who, whether accidentally – or on purpose – helps out the Game Master during a game, (i.e.  “Hey GM!  You can’t let Joe do that, his character class doesn’t allow it!”).  After the GM smiles, he then presents the Gold Star Award to the player, and kindly thanks them for being a great help.  Not awarded for minor help, but for significant game-changing help.

THE “I GOT YOUR BACK” AWARD = (a.k.a. the “You STABBED me in the back” award).  Awarded to a player who ACCIDENTALLY gets another player character killed during the game.


More swag pins are being added all the time.  If you have an idea for a pin, put it up on our DGS Facebook page:

Bob McAndrews (DGS New England), Marc Miller (creator of the Traveller RPG game and universe), and Ken Patterson (DGS New England) all sporting their DGS lanyards at Travellercon 2017.


In the days of olde, (alright it was really just as little as a few years ago), the original swag was the Power Ring of Gaming (PROG).  These collectors items were originally hand-made, by Co-Founder Michael, and were issued to game winners, or those with special achievements. Additional games that were played, or won, were given a small die to honor the occasion, and added to special slots on the sides of the ring.  If you see someone sporting a PROG they deserve homage and drinks… most especially drinks.  Lots of drinks.  But I digress.  Here are some pics of PROGS: